Content is king. It can also be time consuming, even the time taken to find out what content you need to promote can become a laborious task of sifting through data and insights until you find what actually applies to your and your business.

What if I said that a lot of your content marketing could all be done for you? Not only production of content but high value, consumer lead content that is guaranteed to engage your market. I have partnered up with Convertaroo to help you understand how you can optimise your marketing and web content while increasing the efficiency plans. Content doesn’t have to be hard work with no return.

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User-generated content or UGC for short – is one of those annoying marketing that you have probably seen flying around on every marketing blog or website in recent times, but it’s also probably one of the most important. UGC can be a super effective way of generating priceless content for your marketing campaign that is guaranteed to be trusted and recognised by your consumers. By passing the pen over to your paying customers, you’re not only inviting them to connect with your brand but you are also giving new prospects a reason to get involved.


Shoppers who interact with consumer-generated content are proven to spend more! – Fact!

– Bazaarvoice Study


Some of the best examples of UGC campaigns include;


Calvin Kliens #MyCalvins

The ‘My Calvins’ term has been around with the brand since the early 80’s when the Ck model Brooke Shields first made it popular in their ad’s. Today the brand has capitalised this term using UCG where they asked their Instagram followers to upload an image of them wearing a CK item and fill in the blanks in the caption ‘‘I ______ in #MyCalvins’. The campaign went viral. Within a handful of months the hashtag completely took over instagram and boasted over 179,000 photos tagged with line.


Starbucks #WhiteCupContest

Another huge success, which I’m sure you’ll all recognise was the Starbucks #WhiteCupContest. Starbucks are a great company to look at when analysing the potential of UGC, they tend have mastered the art of engaging the market using campaigns led by visual content from their customers. In April 2014, the coffee shop giants asked customers to doodle on their iconic white cups and submit their photo entries. within three weeks Starbucks received almost 4,000 submissions. The winning entry was celebrated by becoming the template for the new limited edition Starbucks ‘White Cup’


Nike PhotoID tool

Nike ran a slightly different campaign where they asked it’s Instagram audience to use the  Nike PhotoID tool (already encouraging them to engage with the brand by using the tool) and apply colours from their favourite Instagram pic to design a customised Air Max shoe. This was incredible because users didn’t even need to own a pair of the shoes, or take a photo to get involved! Users were asked to take the photo using the #airmax hashtag which excelled the term to insane heights. Over 100,00 shoes were created using the tool within the first week.


Campaigns like this are great for upcoming brands who don’t have humongous marketing budgets, these campaigns can be created within spending a penny and in return can offer invaluable insights and PR.


UGC is said to be 50% more ’trusted’ than any other media by consumers, and 35% more memorable.

– CrowdTap Study


Social media is everywhere, it doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t close and it can send a message to your audience instantaneously. Customers want to buy into a lifestyle not just a product, people connect better with interactive brands and stories as opposed to traditional hard-sell marketing methods.


Key Takeaways. The Potential Benefits of UGC;

  • Publicity and Engagement – Over 100,000 shoes were created using the Nike tool within the first week of their campaign.
  • Increase in sales. Burberry recorded a 50% year on year increase in ecommerce sales following the launch of their ‘The Art of the Trench’ Website.
  • Insights – 78% of ratings and reviews have been used by companies to improve customer service, drive awareness of customer concerns, improve product descriptions and more according to Bazaarvoice.
  • SEO benefits – Brands saw a 6% lift in search rank when UGC was present on category pages. according to Bazaarvoice.


UGC has the potential to change your whole marketing strategy for the better – depending on the insights you gain, hell it has the potential to change your whole business! At MLSNCLR we work with our clients on innovative ways of marketing, thinking outside of the traditional billboard box and finding ways of really interacting with their customers by simply listening to the market.

Don’t be the only one standing still in a fast moving world – use these exciting forms of promotion to reflect the energy and the passion you have for your brand, It WILL rub off on to your customers. You believe in your vision – so help them do the same.


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Article by Mel Sinclair / MLSNCLR

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