5 Ways to Boost Sales Over Mother’s Day

By March 6, 2019 Marketing

5 Ways to Boost Sales Over Mother’s Day

mothers day marketing ideas

It may come as a surprise to you, but Mother’s Day is actually one of the biggest commercial holidays in the year – and if you’re based in the UK, then you will know that Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away – Sunday March 31st in case you didn’t know!

While flowers and chocolates are the traditional favourites, it seems that gifts have expanded to fashion, experience days and even fitness bootcamps! This is great news for you as a small business owner. It means you, too, can take advantage of the day and boost your sales. It’s no longer just the florists that can capitalise!

So without further adieu, here are some of our Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help your business delight customers and the important women in their life this year…


Devise a special offer for your audience.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you’re actually going to offer for Mother’s Day. Be creative and it will work – no matter what business industry you’re in. Let’s say something that wouldn’t usually be associated with Mother’s Day – a car valeting business.

Your special mother’s day offer could be:
“Let your Mum put her feet up for once and have her car fully valeted for half the price!”

This is just an example to show you that it can work for any business – as long as you get creative about it.

mothers day marketing ideas

Send Mother’s Day reminders to your email list.

Let’s all be honest here – we have forgotten big dates every once in a while. We all love a reminder – especially when it comes to our mums! Email marketing is still one of the main players, when it comes to generating leads online and it’s a great way to remind your email subscribers that Mother’s Day is coming up.

They will not only be thankful of the reminder, your business will also be at the forefront of their mind when it comes to buying a gift.

We recommend keeping it personal. Just a short email to begin with, reminding them of the date and then subtly mentioning your special offer.


Ramp up your leads with a giveaway.

If you want to focus more on lead generation and bulking up your email marketing list, then why not look at creating a competition or giveaway? This is always a great method for bringing more people to your business, whether it’s through social media follows or them signing up with their contact details.


Don’t leave it until last minute!

This goes for both your mother’s gift and for your campaign. Leaving it late is a big no-no. Recent studies have shown that impulse gifts for Mother’s Day are on the decline. There are many reasons for this – one being that Mum’s have a weird sense for a gift that’s been bought last minute!

When it comes to our parents, we want to show that we care and that we’ve actually put some thought into their present. So, be sure to get your campaign out there as early as possible.

Avoid playing on the last-minute gift idea and steer your campaign more towards honouring mums. This way you will add emotion into your campaign and generate more quality leads.


Be audacious and positive.

The online world is busy – very busy, in fact. And when it comes to special occasions it gets a whole lot busier. To maximise your offer, you need to get noticed. Plain and simple.

Don’t be afraid to use bright vibrant colours on your marketing. Go outside the box and make sure your offer doesn’t just get scrolled past.

If you’re promoting your offer on social media (especially Instagram and Twitter) then create your own hashtag for the special day. Hashtags help boost impressions, make your content more discoverable, and spark a conversation around your brand.


Remember – Sunday March 31st!

Finally, don’t forget the date. You will thank us later!

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