Over the years, many things have changed with the rise of social media and digital world overall. The days of waiting in the rain to hail a taxi are behind us, with the likes of Uber, and ordering our clothes now only takes a few simple taps.

Something that has also changed is how we order our food, too. But, how do you capitalise on this with your cafe? Yes, you may run a small independant sandwich shop or bistro, but what if you could double your orders within a few short weeks? You would jump at the chance, right?

So, how do you do it? It’s simple – with the beauty of online ordering.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 simple hacks, which you can implement today, to start growing your orders online. And the best part about it is how easy it is!


Hack 1: Get active on social media

It’s not exactly breaking news that social media is huge. We mean super huge. More than 1 billion people are active on Facebook and when you throw in the likes of Instagram and Twitter too, that number gets even bigger!

These people are your audience. Ok, not all of them – it’s not like somebody in China is going to become a customer when you’re based in London. But the people in your local area are right there – using social media every single day.

So, this hack is simple – start being active on social media. If you haven’t already, create a Facebook page and invite your friends to follow you. Have them friends shout out your page and before you know it, you will have a good following of locals, who are likely to use your services.

When it comes to your content – post often and ensure its content your audience will love. You need to make people drool at the mouth and get hungry. So, to do this, you want to post tasty images of your food.

Most smartphones now take a decent picture, so take your time, get the angle right and you will have their stomachs rumbling in no time!


Hack 2: Create a unique hashtag

With so many advertisements and commercials thrown our way everyday, it’s tough to find one without a hashtag. If you remember the ‘90s well (like our team) you will remember how telephone numbers on adverts were gradually pushed aside for website links. Well, social media is now becoming that next wave.

Now, businesses create a hashtag for customers to find out more about their products or services. Hashtags increase social media engagement and brand awareness. So, let’s say your cafe is called “Sally’s Sandwiches” you could create your own hashtag like #SallySandwich.

Slap this onto your menus, social media posts and even your receipts and – in time – you will start noticing people using your hashtag in their instagram and twitter posts.


Hack 3: Google My Business

We all love a free tool, which will help our business grow, and one that is huge comes in the form of Google My Business.

It’s a bit more techy than the last two hacks, but this hack will transform how local people find your business.

What GMB does is puts your cafe or shop premises on the map – quite literally! Adding your business to GMB will add you to Google maps, a huge player when it comes for people looking for nearby services.

This way, when somebody is local and they type in “Cafes nearby” or “Cafes in [your city]” up pops up your place!

Team this with a kickass website and your orders will fly in!

To get started on Google My Business, click here.


Hack 4: Add an order form to your website

Once you’re driving in your new potential customers, you need to give them a simple way to place an order. People choose to avoid calling places to order food now, especially when you can order online.

It’s all down to simplicity. In fact, you’ve probably done it yourself – about to order food online and changed the restaurant or cafe to another one, all because of it’s simple ordering platform.

This is what people will be doing to you right now if you haven’t got a simple way for them to order online. People will be choosing your competition over you.

Ok, integrating an online order platform isn’t exactly easy – especially when you don’t have website experience. But don’t worry – if you don’t currently have online ordering on your website, our team can help. Simply book in for a FREE consultation and we will provide you with a solution, meaning you can begin generating more customers online with ease.


Hack 5: Blog blog blog

Despite the growth of new content formats, blogging is still a crucial and effective marketing platform to help get your cafe found online. In fact, blogging is the most important aspect of content marketing when it comes to generating organic traffic to your website.

Yes, articles do take time and keeping up with blogging can become quite a chore – especially when running a business – but the benefits will outweigh this tenfold.

How will blogging help people find your cafe? It’s simple, you create articles like “Best Sandwich in [your area]” for instance, and these will then show up on Google. When people start to Google these phrases, up pops your website with your blog article – just like magic!

And the best part about this is the readers are looking for you. So it’s more than likely they will then become a customer.


Final Thought

Generating new customers for your cafe or bistro is an ongoing process, but, once you master the strategy of generating these customers online and bringing them through the door, you will find it much easier and much more beneficial.

If you haven’t got a website for your Cafe or your website doesn’t have the ability for customers to order online, simply contact us and we will show you exactly how we can help within your budget.

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