We just love Instagram. It’s quickly becoming our favourite social media channel and for many reasons – one being how you can instantly motivate yourself for the day with just a couple of scrolls and double taps!

To celebrate this, we wanted to give you our rundown of the most inspiring Instagram accounts for women to follow in 2018.

We don’t have nominees, we just have winners. So, let’s begin…


Chrissy Teigen

A woman who shuts down online trolls with sass and class, as well as posting photos and videos that show the real side of her, Chrissy Teigen is a must-follow for inspiration, motivation and some added laughter in your day.



Time to introduce myself again so we have so many newbies here! I’m a soul-fueled Career & Life Purpose Coach (proudly certified by @bycacademy ), writer, speaker, mommy of 2, free spirit, nature lover, and world traveler. ⠀ 🌟 ⠀ I believe each of us is here for a reason; we all have a unique purpose to fulfill on earth. Throughout our life journey we are easily distracted and often choose paths we think we “should” be taking (yep myself included!). We end up feeling trapped in the wrong career with no idea what to do.⠀ 🌟⠀ You absolutely can escape your meaningless career for one you are super passionate about. You can earn a living doing what you absolutely love ❤ what you were put on earth to do! 🌟 Feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, or frustrated? If you need clarity, direction, and a plan… I will give you exactly that! Message me to book your free call and see if working with me is right for you. Don’t waste another year trapped in the wrong career. It’s your time!! xx

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Erica Carrico

If you need some boost in realising your potential then Erica’s profile is the perfect medicine. Each post has a meaningful message and truly makes you dig deeper to find the answers. So, if you feel like you need some extra help today, look no further.




“There is someone out there right now whose life would be CHANGED…if only they knew you existed. I’m going to show you how to use Pinterest so that you never have to worry about those people finding you again.” ⚡ That’s how I opened a presentation I did this week at @todd_herman’s conference. I’ve taught over 5,000 students in my Pinfinite Growth course, and my Pinterest trainings have been featured in places like Forbes and Entrepreneur. But here’s the thing: the way I see it, I DON’T TEACH PINTEREST. 😱 ⚡ Instead, I teach people like you how to attract amazing clients to your business. I show you how to get more eyeballs on your incredible content. I give you the strategies to grow an email list of people whose lives are changed because of YOU. ⚡ And spoiler alert: Yes, I show you how to make all of this happen WITH Pinterest. But simply saying that “I’ll teach you how to use Pinterest” misses the point of how this platform can change your entire life. Ya feel me? 🕺🏻🕺🏻 ⚡ I’m teaching a free live webinar on April 3rd all about how to use the right Pinterest strategies to rapidly grow your traffic, audience, and sales. You in? Visit melyssagriffin.com/webinar or click the link in my profile to register. It’s freeeee 🤗 ⚡ I can’t wait to give you this BRAND NEW training (with the latest Pinterest strategies). It literally could change everything for you, love. 🙂 ⚡ Invite a friend to join you by tagging them below! ⤵ (Hint: I always find that I’m more accountable when I have a friend join me for things like this.) See you live very soon!

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Melyssa Griffin

Looking for a true entrepreneurial woman? Then let us introduce you to Melyssa Griffin.  After struggling with getting her blog started back in 2013, Melyssa had an idea to help show other budding how to overcome the struggle and really grow your startup business.

The best part about Melyssa’s instagram is she is open and honest and her cheerful personality will make anybody smile. Look out for inspirational posts – they will add big motivation.  



Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin has been a huge favourite of ours for many years. Some of us even follow her workouts! The fitness model and businesswoman has taken the social media scene by storm and has now got an array of products and services under her belt.

Lewin’s hard work ethic is very clear to see – from her awe-inspiring physique to her successful business accolades! Check out her page for motivational workouts, too.




The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links, today on #mothermag 📷: @gap

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Mother Mag

If you’re juggling motherhood with business, then Mother Magazine is a great channel to follow. They offer a wide variety of posts, from wellness and lifestyle tips, to food posts that will leave you drooling!  

Their posts often provide previews of articles from their website and we will be the first to recommend checking out their site too!




While you’re having a following frenzy then make sure you give our account a follow too! We not only post stunning images, we provide expert tips and the odd food pic to keep things lively!

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