There are many ways you can generate free engagement online; sending emails, creating social media posts, getting referrals from current customers and more. But one thing that costs money is advertising.

So, if there are so many ways to promote your business for free, then why is advertising classed as ‘essential’? The reason is simple – it generates quality leads.

Advertising puts your business and your service right in front of your target audience. Yes, many businesses shy away from it – some because they don’t want to lose tonnes of cash, others because they just don’t know where to start. Think about it, if you knew that for every £100 you spent on advertising, it would bring in £200 of business. You’d jump at the chance, right?

The golden question is; how do you do advertising right?

To get results from advertising today you must

  • Be focused on a specific target audience, who will become an ideal client.
  • Create valuable content with a strong call to action.
  • Measure leads and conversion fanatically.
  • Test, test and more test!

When done effectively advertising is an essential part of mix because:

  1. Advertising is something you can control heavily – if you want your message to hit on the day a product launches or event is about to happen, you can do so. Meaning your adverts hit the nail on the head.

  2. Advertising allows you to target ideal customers only – when you match a very personal message to a very select audience you get far greater connection.

  3. Advertising creates brand awareness – To create conversions you need to build trust. The way to do this is through brand awareness and quality content. Advertising is a great way to help get that content found and consumed by potential customers.

  4. Advertising amplifies everything else you’re doing – When you are using advertising to create awareness for your content you automatically create more awareness for everything you are doing. Journalists find companies that advertise, referral sources remember companies that advertise, people fan and follow and friend from ads, and employees can point to well-placed ads as a source of pride in place they work.


With all this being said, advertising is a must to generating leads online. There is so much noise online right now that it can be difficult to get noticed in a mountain of emails or on a flooded Facebook feed.

It does cost money, yes. But the rewards will outweigh this in the long run.

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