Every marketing expert will tell you that, one of the essential tools to use for your business is social media. It’s simple really – a spot with billions (yes, billions!) of people with your business at their fingertips. Why wouldn’t you use it for your business?!

Many of you reading this will already have a Facebook page set up and maybe even an Instagram profile. But, they key to being successful on social media is maximising your exposure to the right audience.

Obviously, there are hundreds of techniques and methods for this. But, today we are going to focus on one simple feature – your Instagram bio.

Writing an Instagram bio might seem easy to many: it’s just a couple of lines, after all. However, it’s not as simple.

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things people will read about your business and let’s face it – first impressions DO count. So, in this article we are going to offer you a couple of tips and tricks to make your Instagram bio get attention.

Double Tap for a like!


Have a clear goal from your Instagram bio

Before you start tapping away, writing your instagram bio, you first need to work out what you’re trying to achieve from it. Yes, even your Instagram bio should have a goal in mind – everything should!

Everybody’s goal is different when it comes to their Instagram bio. If you aren’t sure, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Explain what your business does and offers.
  • Showcase your location and working hours if you have a premises.
  • Tell users about your latest promotion – eg. special discount for Instagram followers?
  • Prompt users to take some kind of action, maybe read your latest blog article or visit your testimonial page to see your work.

Don’t write anything until you’ve chosen one of these goals. This is important because your whole bio will be built around this goal.


Pick a good profile picture

It’s what defines you in the notifications section as well as on follower’s newsfeeds too. Having the right profile picture is great for grabbing attention! If you’re the face of your brand – or somebody else is, then use your (or their) face as the profile picture. After all, Mashable studies reported that, photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram in general!

But, using a face goes a little deeper than that. When it comes to using a business, we tend to favour ones that use faces. It makes the service feel more personal and friendly – like the company is being transparent with us. This is exactly how you want your business to come across to your audience.

If you don’t really have a face as your brand, simply use your business logo. Don’t let your image be too detailed. Remember, the profile picture is small on mobile devices, so something with too much going on will only look cluttered.


best instagram bioUse branded hashtags.

A recent report suggested that nearly 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded hashtags. What’s a branded hashtag? It’s simply a hashtag that connects purely with one business or company.

For instance, when we mention our Convertaroo GoLive monthly website plan on our posts, we simply hashtag #ConvertarooGoLive. This is a branded hashtag. Or it’s like Nike using #JustDoIt. Nearly every business is doing this on Instagram, so why not do it too?

If you are deciding to use a branded hashtag, add it into your bio. This will make your profile visitors aware of the hashtag and also allow them to use it on their content too. It’s a great way to have customers promote your business and share their opinions on your service.


best instagram bioUse Emojis

Emojis are a great way to grab attention as well as break up your Instagram bio into different sections. You may have noticed businesses using the location pin emoji for their address and the arrow emojis are quite popular, too.

Emojis are a great way of giving our brain a little break. Too much text all in one go will simply bore visitors. Yes, it’s harsh to say, but it’s true. But, breaking this text up with some emojis will give your sections breathing space.

Just be sure to use the right emojis – and nothing too controversial!



There is nothing more off-putting in a business bio than a spelling error. It instantly gives the bad impression that you aren’t paying attention, thus your service will be the same.

If you’re unsure about your grammar, there are a number of online tools you can use, including Grammarly or simply get a colleague or friend to check it for you. It’s often just a fresh pair of eyes needed to spot any errors.


Final thought

There are over 1 billion Instagram users. Taking your time to craft a perfect bio is definitely recommended. It allows people to learn about your business, connect with you and see more about your company.

Take your time. If you need further help in maximising your instagram presence, simply contact us and our marketing team will provide you with more help – completely free!

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