Christmas is our favourite time of year – decorating the tree, eating our weight in Turkey, being allowed to drink before 1pm without getting funny looks – it’s a splendid time! But, with all the planning, socialising and gift wrapping, it can become easy to lose focus on your small business.

With everything going, forgetting little business tasks can become really easy – and it’s understandable! But, before you become all Scrooge on us, there are plenty of tools available for small business owners to help mitigate some of that inevitable chaos.

Social media

Over the Christmas season, it’s more than likely you’re taking a few days off to thoroughly enjoy time with your friends and family, but as a business owner, it’s inevitable that you will be sneaking a little glance at your phone here and there.  

This is a good thing, because your potential customers will be doing the same. In fact, Facebook posts, photos, and videos created increase by 73 percent during Christmas. So, with this being said, you want to keep posting content. But rather than doing this in between your Christmas lunch and the Queen’s speech, schedule your posts. Here are the best apps to use:

  • HootSuite: Used by many big businesses, including HBO, GAP and many others, HootSuite allows you to schedule posts for any time you like!
  • Buffer: Buffer is so simple to use. Manage your social media accounts from one, simple dashboard. You can even edit imagery within the app to help give your posts that extra oomph!
  • Oktopost: Designed with the business to business (B2B) community in mind, this app not only lets you manage your social content but also measures clicks, conversion, and engagements for every post. You can also curate content based on specified topics to help boost your position as a business thought leader.

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Note keeping

We’ve always been a fan of making notes and jotting ideas down. Some of the best projects. But, it’s no longer the 90s and note taking has now been made much more organised. As a small business owner, you need to keep better track of your notes wherever you go and be able to access them wherever you are. These tools can help you do just that:

  • Evernote: Arguably the most popular note-taking app and with good reason. Evernote is free and lets you document any content, from text, voice memos emails and more! These can also be annotated and edited, too, allowing you to go into a lot of detail.
  • Microsoft OneNote: If you’re more comfortable scribbling notes with good ol’ pen and paper, this app is definitely for you. You can choose whether to type or write your notes by hand (using either a stylus or your finger), just like you would with a real notepad, but without having to lug the notepad with you wherever you go.

File Organising

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to ensure your files and documents are all organised to kickstart the new year. These great tools will help keep your clutter to a minimum and your sanity optimal.

  • Genius Scan: With this app, you will be able to scan your documents, allowing you to store and even share with others. This is extremely useful when keeping track of your expenses by scanning receipts.
  • DropBox: A tool we swear by! Dropbox is like a virtual hard drive, allowing you to store files in a cloud and accessing them anywhere you wish. You can also give other people access, too, so you can share files across the world. If your computer is getting a bit full, create a dropbox and free up some space.


As a small business owner, tasks can sometimes become longer than expected and before you know it, you’re totally off schedule. So, to banish stress and keep you on track, consider these workflow and task management applications to help you stay organised:

  • OmniFocus: This super-smart tool will take you from “busy” to “productive.” Start by using a predesigned workflow template, or create your own from the ground-up. OmniFocus lets users assign projects, apply context to entries, enter or defer due dates, and flag important tasks. It can even alert you not to forget the bread and milk whenever you’re near a grocery store! Although a little heftier of a tool, OmniFocus helps you take care of almost every aspect of your life, both personal and professional.
  • Wunderlist: Deemed as more of a task management tool, Wunderlist is like your to-do list on steroids. Organize your lists using hashtags for more context, set due dates and reminders, and add anything from the web straight to your Wunderlist. Your lists can also be shared with anyone using the app and has a comments feature for easy collaboration.


These tools are like puppies – they’re not just for Christmas! Use them all year round and your business will become more organised and more successful!

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